How do you navigate your privilege? Hint: it’s not by hand-wringing or giving away your worldly possessions.

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Guilt is the ambient noise of American culture.

Humming away in the background of our lives like really low-quality elevator music, it ferments inside of our unconscious at all hours — as a result, most of us have begun to feel more than a little…on edge.

Maybe this emerges as anxiety, or perhaps it bursts free as embarrassing levels of defensiveness. It can show up as a pervasive sense of uncertainty, swinging between these two extremes as your mind attempts to protect itself from painful, guilty feelings. This is natural.

But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It’s not.

So, what…

Bring your work to life with the power of mindful writing — and reap the rewards of more productive, quality writing sessions

A notebook and pen on a desk.
A notebook and pen on a desk.
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Mindfulness is a term that’s been used half to death in the self-help world.

You may even feel exhausted by it, having read or listened to so many people wax poetic about how mindfulness changed this or that area of their lives. Trust me, I get it — and as a naturally fast-paced person who happens to like being that way, I was never particularly convinced by these stories of mindful transformation.

When I began to bring regular mindfulness into my work as a professional, full-time writer, it was mostly by accident. I know what it feels like to hit…

Our world is more interconnected than ever — so let’s not kid ourselves when we talk about “going solo” in the business realm.

female entrepreneur writing at her desk
female entrepreneur writing at her desk
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The digital landscape is full of so-called solopreneurs, all seeking ways to “self-start” and hustle their way to success.

Honestly? The concept of self-starting anything is a myth.

A pervasive one, to be sure, but a myth nonetheless. Even the most individualistic entrepreneurs on Earth have had to rely on factors beyond themselves in order to succeed.

I’m happy to say that I’m one of those entrepreneurs, and I’m even happier to finally, publicly cast off the label of solopreneur once and for all. And I’m inviting you to join me.

Here’s why.

Toxic Individualism Has Eroded Our Happiness, and It’s Nothing More Than One Big Lie

Here in America, we have many gods…

Rethinking the self-help industry is the only way to save it — and it all starts with you.

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I’m going to go ahead and say what I imagine many of you have been thinking lately: what the hell is with all the poor quality self-development-p*rn on our feeds lately?

How do people write so much of it without ever improving the quality of their work or advice? It’s a mystery, folks. Except it’s not. We, as a collective, have become addicted to platitudes.

I’m addicted. You’re addicted. Aunt Suzy-Mae is addicted. We know the articles we’re reading (or skimming) are beginning to sound identical, but we can’t seem to stop clicking on them. …

Sure, personalized feedback is nice, but guess what? We’re professionals, and no one owes us anything at all.

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As a writer, you will never, ever be immune to rejections. Not now, and not twenty years down the line when you’re a veteran of the industry.

It’s human nature to feel hurt when we get rejected. Knowing it’s not personal doesn’t mean we feel like it isn’t, and rejection is one thing that doesn’t seem to fade away with experience. This may sound harsh, but it’s better to accept your humanity than spend your whole career fighting it, right?

As an experienced professional writer, I don’t say any of this lightly, nor do I say it to be patronizing…

Saturation is no longer the hurdle it used to be, but you’ll still need to adapt if you want to succeed in Content’s new Golden Age.

faucet dripping contents into darkness
faucet dripping contents into darkness
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We’ve all heard the cries and lamentations echoing through the online world. There’s too much content! Content mills are killing the writing profession! It’s impossible to find decent articles, blogs, etc anymore!

Sometimes these dire pronouncements seem accurate, or at least prophetic. There is a lot of content out there, and most of it is arguably low-quality.

Whether you’re tired of reading the same contrived, regurgitated blog posts via promising Pinterest links or you’ve simply grown weary of headlines promising one thing and delivering another, looking for something worth consuming can feel like a true needle-in-the-haystack proposition these days.


If you feel guilty about self-care, you’re probably doing it wrong. Let’s fix that.

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I am a 24-year-old woman, and I absolutely love stickers.

Sparkly ones, shiny ones, stickers that look like animals or signs or lists — I love them all, and they’ve unlocked more of my productivity potential than any sane person would have thought possible. Luckily, I’m not sane, and I have access to money that can buy a LOT of stickers at any given time.

But, as it happens, this is not an article about stickers. It’s an article about what those stickers represent. And that is nothing less than your deeper, happiest self.

Here’s how you can get in…

Are you limiting yourself to labels, or are you giving your career room to grow?

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Labels can be limiting, or they can be empowering.

As a creator, you get to choose which ones you’re willing to wear. Even when other people slap labels onto you and your work, you still have control over the way your business is ultimately viewed.

You get to market yourself, you get to choose the sort of work you showcase, and you get to feed the labels you truly want to stick around.

So, why do so many of us look around for the labels other people are willing to give us? …

I feel like I was just launched full-bore into the stratosphere, did 2 lines of coke off the space station's ass, came back down, and then got my ass kicked by a huge gay guy with a handlebar mustache. Perfection.

Oh, and the advice was pretty great, too.

And how I got back to a healthy mindset, instead.

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Every rejection hurts, even if it’s a small one.

This is possibly the simplest, most profoundly impactful truth a writer will ever learn.

We know rejection is “part of the job,” but we forget that it still affects us regardless of how unavoidable it may be.

Recently, I hit an acceptance streak that had me riding high and writing without a glimmer of hesitation. Even more recently, I had a rejection streak that hit me right in the creative solar plexus. …

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