Creatives are favorite targets for Disillusion, but you don’t have to give in to her drag-down tactics anymore.

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It’s not always a bad thing to seek attention — sometimes it’s simply a part of the creative (and human) process.

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If one more person whispers warnings about “his culture” to me, I’m going to lose my sh**. Here’s the truth about those unfair judgments and what they represent.

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Why do so many of us treat our writing careers like a lottery? Here’s some real talk from a veteran writer who knows what’s up.

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Clients often forget that professional boundaries exist for the self-employed. Let’s give them a polite — but effective — reminder, shall we?

Yellow tape
Yellow tape
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If the idea of setting your freelance rates results in hives or hyperventilating, this is the guide for you. Take a breath, and join me as I give you a roadmap to effective pricing — from start to finish.

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Yep, sometimes that job you prayed for — being a professional writer — feels like drowning. Here’s how to stay afloat and make it to calmer waters.

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Sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes it gives you death, overdue taxes, anxiety, and cicadas in your pool. I think I’ll keep writing, regardless.

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“Creating” of any kind requires a lot of our energy — it’s important to learn ways to spend less of it on the mundane.

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You can cause a lot of trouble in 24 hours — and you don’t need anybody’s permission to do it.

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Who Says Success Is Linear? Take A Few Detours Before You “Make It”

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