The concept of a Diversity Officer in the tech company blueprint is such an important and beneficial step, but it's hard to sell it to the mostly-male leadership of these companies. Providing the stats and data that repeatedly show the bottom-line benefits of diversity, and emphasizing that innovation has always been directly connected to team diversity, is a start - but like you pointed out, it's generally a mindset shift that's needed most of all.

One of my freelance clients is a WoC female owned tech consulting company that has seen major growth and a lot of federal contract deals coming in lately, and I hope this signals some big changes in the sector. I also work with a media company that is female owned and run and which, so far, is in the unusual position of ONLY having female staff (not an intentional choice, but interesting nonetheless). It's had a very profound, very positive impact on how we do business and how I am able to exist within my professional life!

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