That One Time At (Accidental) Bible Camp —How Mistakenly Going To Church Camp Made Me A Stronger Writer

A tale of Jesus, jellyfish, and suffering. Oh, and Choco-Tacos.

It Began With Good Intentions — As Most Mistakes Do

When Life Gives You Jellyfish, Become So Stubborn You Defy The Laws Of Physics

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Chrysaora Itself

Okay, Emily, But What The F*** Does This Have To Do With Writing?

Getting In Trouble Is The Writer’s Way — And The Lord Jesus Himself Did It, So Why Was Everyone Up MY A**?

Writers Were Made To Ask The Annoying Questions And Damn It, We Aren’t Going To Stop Now

To Conclude — Always Read The Brochure…Or Don’t, If You Want An Adventure

Author & Full-Time Writer. Embracing life’s chaos one word at a time. Get in touch at (or don’t, but I love the attention)!

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