Some Important Life Lessons From My Idiot Savannah Cat, Norbert

Many posts have been written on the wisdom of cats. This is not one of them, because my cat isn’t wise. Still, he‘s got some worthwhile lessons for us all.

Picture Of Norbert Courtesy Of Author’s Boyfriend
Photo by Dušan veverkolog on Unsplash

Norbert Lesson One: There Is Always Something To Be Said For The Unexpected

I wasn’t planning on adopting a cat when dearest Norbert crossed my unsuspecting path. I’d just lost my best friend and companion cat, Monk, a Maine Coon I’d had the honor of owning since I was 6 years old.

Another Incredible Shot Of Norbert ‘The Bubby’ Montague Courtesy of Author

Norbert Lesson Two: You Can Be Dumb And Smart At The Same Time, So Find Your Complements

Norbert may be categorically incapable of drinking liquids out of a bowl, but he knows how to turn doorknobs, solve puzzles, and arrange balls into very organized straight lines. That counts as intelligence, right?

Norbert Lesson Three: There’s Someone For Everyone Out There, So Don’t Worry So Much About Fitting In

I’ll preface this with a few more Fun Norbert Facts. He can, generally speaking, leap approximately a foot over my head when he’s in good shape. Currently, he's a bit on the larger side, if we’re talking tummies, so perhaps thankfully his parameters have shrunk.

THE Birthday Boy, Feat. Marmalade’s Butt

Final Norbert Lesson: Why Shouldn’t You Follow Your Curiosity? Norbert Says, Go For It, No Matter What

When a cat like Norbert wants to figure something out, no force on Earth can stop him. No obstacle is insurmountable if your curiosity is sincere and your intentions are pure.

They do make great blankets, though!

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