Self-Stressed: Dealing With Overwhelm When You’re Self-Employed

Stress and productivity are rarely friends, despite what the type As might think. Here’s how you can tell what’s really holding you back— no matter how murky your stress might seem.

The Science Of Stress In A Brand New World

If you had to describe stress to someone who’d never encountered it before, how would you do it? What words would you use to communicate something so familiar it’s become totally subconscious?

Gigging Out: The Unique Stress Experience Of The Self-Employed

One of the most complicated aspects of studying stress is the fact that every person experiences it differently. While the basic mechanisms remain the same thanks to our shared biology, the ways in which stress plays out for each of us can look very different.

Slippery Slopes vs. Steady Solutions — Eating Your Elephant Before It Eats You

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” This popular adage is rather gross if you ask me, but it has a point. Overwhelm feeds further overwhelm if it’s left unchecked.

Elimination — Learn To Live With It

When everything feels equally important, it’s equally impossible to let go of anything. It’s also a sign that you’re failing to prioritize.

Radical (And Sometimes Uncomfortable) Self-Honesty Is Vital

I touched on this earlier, but self-honesty is one of the biggest struggles most of us face in our inner lives. Self-deception is an adaptation that’s meant to keep us calm and collected when we’re threatened by something, and it’s also a part of our social psychology.

Understand Where Social Myths Are Holding You Back And Building Up Your Stress

To illustrate this point, do a quick search of “why you should be a freelancer” on Google and take a look at the top results. There are articles telling you you’ll be able to make six figures within months, easily travel the world while working, and all sorts of other things.

A Parting Word About Clinical Anxiety And Related Disorders

This article addresses many things relating to chronic stress and overwhelm, but if you have a clinical anxiety disorder, the methods I cited may not be enough to ensure your quality of life.

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