On a personal level I say GET IT, GIRL! Your confidence is beautiful and your safe, intelligent attitude is refreshing.

On a more meta, big picture level I have serious doubts about men’s ability to actually respect more sex positive women — on the outside, sure, they may say they are feminists and appreciate such empowerment. I’ve never seen a single case where this lip service holds up to scrutiny, unfortunately.

I like to think this has just been my own bad luck but my experience seems to be shared by most women I speak about it with. I was wondering what you, the author, might think of it, as well as male and female readers of all genders who might see this comment.

What have your experiences been with men who profess to respect promiscuous women? Has it tended to hold up over time or do they more often reveal some level of misogyny deep down (even if largely subconscious)?

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Emily Sinclair Montague is a professional writer, author, and content strategist. Connect with her at www.wordsofafeather.net or on Twitter (@EmilytheMontag1)!

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