Navigating The Privilege-Guilt-Denial Cycle: How To Balance It All Without Going (Totally) Crazy

How do you navigate your privilege? Hint: it’s not by hand-wringing or giving away your worldly possessions.

John Winthrop Was A Dick — Reflecting Upon Our Inherited Neuroses And “That Time” White People Were Hypocrites

Your huge ruffed collar isn’t big enough to hide the truth, Winny-Boy.

Reflection And Change Are Too Inconvenient — Let’s Use Entitlement Instead

We Aren’t Entitled To Our Privilege, But We Also Aren’t Obligated To Feel Guilty About It 24/7

Addressing Guilt Releases Entitlement — A.K.A ‘Calm Down Gollum, You Can Keep Your Precious Crumbs’

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