I think we often underestimate how helpful it can be simply to read another’s story — and hear their pain and vulnerability. Reaching out into the void, sharing just to let things out and give them a voice, is human. We are human. This is a human experience that many, many women relate to, and men can relate to it too as you’ve pointed out. Isn’t it good to read something that gives us catharsis and a chance to empathize? Isn’t there value in that even if you don’t personally feel impacted? Why judge such human stories and actions so harshly? Medium belongs to readers and writers — if something is read and appreciated, it belongs on the platform. There aren’t any hard and fast rules about what forms that takes!

I understand your perspective however and I’m not trying to call you out specifically, Russell — this is just a feeling I’ve seen reflected repeatedly on personal stories and I’m not sure it’s healthy for so many writers to feel like they can’t express their more negative or painful emotions through their narratives. Just my rambling thought.

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Emily Sinclair Montague is a professional writer, author, and content strategist. Connect with her at www.wordsofafeather.net or on Twitter (@EmilytheMontag1)!

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