I can certainly see this happening to plenty of writers in the online/digital content industry, and it truly saddens me.

I think overwork is this dirty little secret we writers tend to ignore and refuse to talk about, but it's getting toxic. How often have you heard "write an article (or more) every single day" or "you have to publish a book per month to make it in the indie market?"

It's not feasible. This attitude of output, output, output is simply not sustainable, and I think we're all going to have to come to terms with it eventually.

I ADORE writing for a living - I am very lucky to have a brain that divides every different type of writing I do into very different categories, so I haven't ever had to experience burnout. I am me, and not everyone feels this same way, I know.

I'm really glad you took the time to talk about this openly, Tom! Thanks!

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Emily Sinclair Montague is a professional writer, author, and content strategist. Connect with her at www.wordsofafeather.net or on Twitter (@EmilytheMontag1)!

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