If you’re having a crisis of confidence (or just an existential crisis in general), this one’s for you.

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There are as many tropes about imperfection (i.e. failure, wrong-ness, or un-rightness) as there are craters on the moon. There are sayings, platitudes, motivational speeches, motivational posters, cultural flashpoints, songs, comics…

You get the point.

Clearly, humanity has been feeling some type of way about this––now more than ever. Personally…

What really defines a “hiatus,” anyway? Maybe it’s not as black-and-white as we think.

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I hate Japanese Stiltgrass.

This absolutely prolific invader––scientific name , or in my own book, grassus asholicus––sneaks in through sidewalk cracks and gardens unnoticed and seemingly innocuous. Within weeks it can completely overrun acres of forest, wetland, or hillside, and it’s nearly impossible to get rid of.

Certain habits…

Think child marriage has ended in the USA? Think Again. The issue is more urgent than ever — but today’s digital era has given us new tools to save girls and stop the cycle.

Girls who are married before maturity are significantly. Many (over 50%) , and a significant portion of them become pregnant before they turn 18. They are more vulnerable to abuse, marital rape, and other crimes, and they experience higher…

Creatives are favorite targets for Disillusion, but you don’t have to give in to her drag-down tactics anymore.

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If I had to describe disillusionment in a word, that word would be an onomatopoeia. And that onomatopoeia would be eeeAAUUUHHGH.

I’m sure that clarified things for someone out there. Maybe not you, but someone.

Essentially, disillusionment is the pervasive sense that things “aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.”…

It’s not always a bad thing to seek attention — sometimes it’s simply a part of the creative (and human) process.

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If you’re an artist or an alleged human being, you’ve probably heard advice along the lines of “you shouldn’t care what other people think” or “successful people learn to validate themselves without paying attention to outside opinions.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is bullsh**.

I’ll get into…

If one more person whispers warnings about “his culture” to me, I’m going to lose my sh**. Here’s the truth about those unfair judgments and what they represent.

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I’m not a fan of gatekeeping, as a general rule. It’s rarely a positive thing — especially when it’s predicated on racism, stereotypes, or assumptions about people and cultures the gatekeeper doesn’t understand.

The longer I’ve been in a relationship with my partner, the more romantic gatekeeping I’ve been forced…

Why do so many of us treat our writing careers like a lottery? Here’s some real talk from a veteran writer who knows what’s up.

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The word success is a loaded one, despite how common it is. Most of us have developed a habit of associating “success” with a single image, a thing, something that’s either achieved or not achieved.

We tend to forget the rather extensive middle ground contained in those seven innocuous letters.

Clients often forget that professional boundaries exist for the self-employed. Let’s give them a polite — but effective — reminder, shall we?

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Lately, people have been throwing around an (admittedly problematic) term for being a pushover in relationships. The word is simp.

While I’m proud to simp all day for my loved ones, I must strongly suggest that you do not simp for freelance clients. This is harder than it sounds.


If the idea of setting your freelance rates results in hives or hyperventilating, this is the guide for you. Take a breath, and join me as I give you a roadmap to effective pricing — from start to finish.

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There you are, cruising along the rainbow road of professionalism, kicking ass and taking [the] names — of clients, that is.

But what’s that noise? Ah, yes, it’s the sound of screeching brakes as you’re brought to a shuddering halt by THAT question. Oh, you know the one.

“So, what…

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